The 4 Best Methods for Memorizing Vocabulary

The biggest headache for those learning a new language is certainly the amount of vocab that has to be memorized. Perhaps you’re learning words one day and forgetting them all the next. Maybe you’re learning a bunch of vocabulary but actually have no idea how to properly use it. It can be frustrating feeling likeContinue reading “The 4 Best Methods for Memorizing Vocabulary”

Learning Japanese After Chinese

Ever since coming back to America from studying/working/生活ing in Taiwan, I’ve been looking to move to a new country where I don’t know the local language. I’m super excited to announce that I’ve been selected to become an ALT with the JET Program in Japan! This is going to be a big challenge for meContinue reading “Learning Japanese After Chinese”

The Truth About Zhuyin

There are several reasons why you would want to use zhuyin instead of pinyin. However, I’ve seen pretty much everyone point out the wrong reasons. For example, people say it is a more accurate portrayal of Chinese pronunciation. This is kind of true, but if pronunciation is an issue for you, that has nothing toContinue reading “The Truth About Zhuyin”

The Best Way to Learn Chinese: Mastery of the 4 Skills

The most common questions I get asked about learning Chinese are as follows: Q: What’s the best way to learn Chinese?A: Watch people speak Chinese. Q: What’s the best way to learn characters?A: This is a vague question. Q: How long does it take to become fluent?A: Depends on how you define fluent. These questionsContinue reading “The Best Way to Learn Chinese: Mastery of the 4 Skills”

Should You Learn Traditional or Simplified Characters?

Simplified or traditional? This is a choice that can appear almost identity defining for Chinese learners. There are a couple reasons why someone might consider studying traditional characters instead of simplified and I will certainly list them in this article. However, I believe for almost all learners it is best to start with simplified characters,Continue reading “Should You Learn Traditional or Simplified Characters?”

How Do You Actually Learn Chinese Characters?

There are two questions new Chinese learners often ask when they start their journey into mastering Chinese characters. These questions are as follows… What characters should I learn? How do I learn them? The first question is relatively simple to answer. I recommend learners consult the HSK vocabulary lists to start learning the most commonContinue reading “How Do You Actually Learn Chinese Characters?”