How to Choose Your Chinese Name

Obtaining a proper name is something every Chinese self-studier has to deal with before they use mandarin abroad. This is imperative because Western names are inherently toneless and clash with the Chinese phonology. Many people try to come up with their Chinese name on their own, but this almost always results in a strange sounding/looking,Continue reading “How to Choose Your Chinese Name”

The 4 Best Methods for Memorizing Vocabulary

The biggest headache for those learning a new language is certainly the amount of vocab that has to be memorized. Perhaps you’re learning words one day and forgetting them all the next. Maybe you’re learning a bunch of vocabulary but actually have no idea how to properly use it. It can be frustrating feeling likeContinue reading “The 4 Best Methods for Memorizing Vocabulary”

What It’s Like Learning Chinese at the ICLP in Taiwan

From February to August of 2019 I studied for one academic year at the International Chinese Language Program at National Taiwan University. Individual student experiences of the program are hard to come by, so in this post I will outline in full what it was like for me during those seven months.  First, some infoContinue reading “What It’s Like Learning Chinese at the ICLP in Taiwan”

My ICLP Final Presentations

The following presentations were given at the end of the level 4 and 5 courses at the International Chinese Language Program at National Taiwan University. Final presentations are required assignments to prove successful study of the grammar points and vocabularly studied during the semester. Every level is required to give a final presentation. The trickyContinue reading “My ICLP Final Presentations”

My Advice for Study Abroad

Studying abroad can be a very important step in one’s language learning journey. The benefits of being in a native environment are invaluable, but the cost of going abroad can be quite steep. Based on my own experience, I’ve come to a conclusion about when to study abroad, and for how long. Should you goContinue reading “My Advice for Study Abroad”